Freestyler set

  • 1x FREESTYLER™ Base Board
  • 6x Elastic Tubing Set (strength EASY and MEDIUM)
  • 1 x pair of Ankle Cuffs
  • 1x pair of Handles
  • 1x foldable mat (3 folds ... 120x60)
  • 1x Storage bag (2 compartments for storing tubes and accessories)
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Freestyler set


Basic component of the FREESTYLER™ is an anti-slip baseboard with ergonomic design and all edges smoothed for comfort and safety. It is made of recyclable environmentally friendly materials, which were originally used in aeronautical industry. Special embossed grid prevents slipping while standing on the FREESTYLER™. Soft pads placed under the board enable it to stay in place. Special markings indicate position for making initial device adjustments and position of the feet during workouts. Serial number enables rapid customer feedback in an effort to constantly monitor and control production quality. The two rotating hyperboloids are specially designed for smooth and even distribution of force produced by the rubber tubing (optimal elongation range enabled). The tubing always returns to its original position even if extreme positions are used in the workout.


A set of quality elastic tubing which allow to achieve step by step progressive resistance. It includes 6 tubes : 2 easy, 2 medium and 2 replacement tubes (1 easy and 1 medium). This highly durable tubing incorporates anti-burst technology for added durability. Specially constructed carabines on each tube ending are made of high quality materials for safety and a user friendly experience. For easy choice of desired tube strength, strength marks are imprinted on each tube ending.


A pair of rotating handles made of a special material that enables a soft grip for a comfortable workout.


A pair of soft and adjustable ankle cuffs made of materials that guarantee pleasant user experience. You won’t even notice you are wearing them. Specially designed stitches enable long life span and safe exercising.


Custom designed three-fold mat enables different uses and configurations, depending on the body position, whether you are lying, sitting or kneeling. This specially constructed foldable mat developed for use with the Freestyler is 120 cm long and 60 cm wide. The Freestyler exercise mat folds three times to enable different configurations, new possibilities and exercise combinations.


The Freestyler storage bag has two compartments, which enable you to store tubing and all the accessories (ankle cuffs, handles, pilates straps...). It is convenient for home gym users as well as for clubs (in combination with the storage rack). It also comes very handy while traveling or on vacation.
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Freestyler foldable mat

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Freestyler pilates straps

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Freestyler set

$ 249.00
Freestyler big storage bag

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Freestyler DVD Power Moves

$ 27.50

Your own virtual fitness trainer for free

Our video center is an addition we have prepared for you so you can put the Freestyler to use to the maximum extent. We've developed various workout options which you can choose in 6 different Video centers: Video center for Ladies, Strength and Conditioning, Pilates, Group Fitness, Dance, Rehabilitation.Our virtual fitness trainer will gently and safely guides you through different levels of exercises.

We take great pride in providing the support and services our clients need so all the FREESTYLER products have a warranty of one year. In the event of a manufacturers defect, we will immediately repair or replace the damaged product. This warranty however does not cover damages due to improper use or miss treatment of the products

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